About Sunnyland Chocolate Factory

Bringing inspiration from Europe's Italy, France, and Switzerland's dessert artisans comes Sunnyland Chocolate Factory. Offering a combination of gourmet and fresh chocolate treats daily, Sunnyland Chocolate Factory offers it's customers delicacies that are one of a kind. Since 2011, the team at Sunnyland has produced gourmet chocolate treats, multiple varieties of caramel apples of taste bud and artistic delight, and a menu of specialty items including Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Turtles, Sea Salt Caramels, Pretzels, English Toffee, Truffles available in Coconut, Double Chocolate and Raspberry, in addition to carrying S'mores, Carmelo and other decadent confections. The pride of Sunnyland is their golden brown caramel, which is churned and mixed by hand daily producing a sweet smelling aroma that will brighten anyone's day. A family owned and operated business, Sunnyland Chocolate Factory brings a rare blend of international, family, and custom treats through its doors.