Our sweet strengths

World renowned inventor Nikolai Tesla once said “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to their work and accomplishments.” My sister and I wanted to use our ideas and passions for something special. Something unique from us to the world. From a father who played professional soccer and is an accomplished chef, to a mother who’s an accomplished accountant (and our inspiration to study accounting ourselves) and well educated gave us the atmosphere of unlimited possibilities to grow in as kids. Growing up, my family was fortunate to be able to see the world and play the sport of tennis. One could say that our competitive drive came from our days as tennis players. Our passion for life came from our travels through Europe. Having drive and passion gave us inspiration to make something special of our lives. Coming from a homeschool background gave us unrestrained time to dedicate ourselves to our pursuits. in tennis came our preparation skills and training time for how to put in long hours of baking, cooking, and churning to create products of caramel and chocolate confectionaries. After countless pursuits in 3 stages of preparation, proportions, and ingredients, we discovered our products quality that would set us apart. Our travels in Europe gave us the knowledge of flavor that we needed. From England’s Strawberries & Cream, Frances Neapolitan Cakes, to Italy’s expressos that begged for repeated indulgences, flavor, texture, and aroma where the paths to our door. It is with that we created our dream of Caramel. From the dream came the reality in the shape of Sunnyland Chocolate Factory.